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PellCheck: Things your IT team will want to know

Once installed, PellCheck will quickly and securely evaluate all Pell Grant awarded students in your student system, identify functional operational processing errors that caused the incorrect award, and provide specific information on “under awarded” students for review and recalculation.

PellCheck can even go back 5 financial aid years to identify historical Pell Grant errors as well as compare results between any two executions.

Easy to Install: PellCheck is a Windows-based software tool. It downloads in approximately five (5) minutes to your internal system. It has no special system requirements, and needs no special IT skills.

Easy to Use: Using simple point and click commands, the PellCheck Program Review tool will run crosschecks, download the data, summarize the statistics, concisely display each Pell calculation, highlight errors, and note where the errors are located.

Easy to Maintain: The PellCheck tool includes annual upgrade maintenances.

PellCheck uses a four-step process to identify errors:

a. Data Mapping: Hookup relevant financial aid data to pre-defined PellCheck data points, no personal identifiable information is required

b. Data Extraction and Loading: Securely process award reviews

c. PellCheckExecution: Identify processing and award errors, make the results available for review and reporting

d. Data Purging: Purge all student data from PellCheck

Want to learn more? See PellCheck in action for yourself. Schedule a demo today.